About This Website

If an award-winning building of today is unloved ten years from now, can it really be considered a success? If a building is impeccably detailed stylistically but is devoid of soul, can it truly be called great? Can a functioning yet artless building reasonably even be called architecture? Great architecture transcends time, style, and mere function. It fuses the lessons of the past with the culture of the present, and never loses sight of the essence of architecture: its humanity. It is with an eye for this end that great architecture is scaled, proportioned, and crafted.

This site exists to highlight architecture past and present that was designed in harmony with these values. Some of the buildings photographed are good, some are great, and others still are absolutely incredible. Whatever their architectural merit, they are all posted here for simple reasons: to remind us of how good even the simplest buildings can be, to inspire the design of better buildings, and to celebrate great architecture whenever and wherever it is found.

Brandt Hay
Editor, New Urban Architect


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